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Rep. West warns U.S. on China

Allen West (politician)

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I hope that Congress and the Senate are listening to the words of Rep. Allen West! But it is not just a bigger Navy that we need. China is starting to surpass us in technology too. Just yesterday they announced that they were deploying new technology in the Drilling Idustry. Read about it at the link below and then read the story about Allen West from the

China uses new “Oil Drill Weapon” in Disputed Sea Area | China Military Power Mashup.

Rep. West warns U.S. needs bigger Navy to deal with China’s military threat –

By John T. Bennett – 05/31/11 03:13 PM ET

U.S. officials should realize China is an economic and military threat to America, and take steps — like building a bigger Navy — to combat Beijing’s moves, Rep. Allen West (R-Fla.) said Tuesday.

“We have to admit that China is a conventional threat to the United States,” West said in a muscular foreign policy speech at the Heritage Foundation in Washington.

The freshman lawmaker and favorite of the Tea Party movement also said Washington should avoid Pentagon spending cuts as it tries to reduce annual deficits.

After an $18 billion cut for this year and more likely ahead, West said Washington is on pace to return the military to a time when the Army could not afford basic items, such as toilet paper.

His comments came as the House Appropriations Defense subcommittee revealed a Pentagon spending bill that would, if enacted, give the Defense Department $665 billion for 2012. That figure includes two House Appropriations subcommittees’ proposals for the base DOD budget, a military construction funding bill and a war-funding measure.

West said the moves China has made in building up its military and expanding its role in global economics make it “part of the 21st-century battlefield” U.S. officials are facing.

U.S. leaders, he said, are doing a poor job so far managing this new “battlefield.”

West called for a much larger U.S. Navy to compete with what in China will soon be the world’s largest naval fleet.

The U.S. Navy now has 285 “deployable battle force ships,” according to a fact sheet on the service’s website.

The fleet size has come down steadily over the last several decades. The Navy had 654 active warships in 1972, 594 in 1987 and 337 by 1999, according to another Navy fact sheet.

The Chinese understand what the Greeks, Romans, Athenians and Dutch did in past eras — that a large and powerful navy is the way to expand a nation’s global presence, West said.

More broadly, the freshman representative panned U.S. officials for failing, “over the last 10 years,” to clearly define America’s strategic objectives.

To that end, he called for a new strategic blueprint that matches desired military capabilities to the threats the nation faces.

West also slammed President Obama for a revised policy approach on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, which would feature land swaps based on pre-1967 borders in that hotly contested region.

“I don’t care about how much land you swap, it’s about the elimination of the Jewish people” for groups like Hamas and Hezbollah, West said.

The retired Army officer also pointed to the Egyptian military’s twin decisions to open a passage from that nation to Palestinian-controlled territory and allow Iranian warships through the Suez Canal.

China Rising


The Unknown History Of The Founding Fathers and Slavery (via Samuel at Gilgal)

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It is sad to learn how much that has been left out of the history books. How many people feel that they were less than human because they thought that they were the forgotten people. In a way they were, but it was not the fault of the founding fathers or the Republican party. The fault lies with those “Progressives” who want so much to manipulate and control people. And how better to make people feel as if they have always been victims, than to tell them that those people thought that they were worth less, or simply that they didn’t consider them human.

The Unknown History Of The Founding Fathers and Slavery David Barton, who has recently gained a wider reputation on Glenn Beck’s “Founders Fridays”, writes this article “The Founding Fathers and Slavery” to supplement the reconstructed American History you were indoctrinated with while attending public schools: “Even though the issue of slavery is often raised as a discrediting charge ag … Read More

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Dim Sum – Suddenly! (via ChristianBlessings)

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We never know what the next moment will bring, it may be the very moment that your (or my) life will end. If we spend our lives waiting for tomorrow we may be surprised. If you believe in God, it is important to live your life as if the Lord is returning any moment. Don’t put off till tomorrow what you can do now. Remember the old saying “time waits for no man?” Well, neither will God! And if you are not ready when He comes, you will lose so much more than just your life.

Suddenly they came, earthquakes, tornadoes, tsunamis, floods, fire, accidents on the highway, accidents at home, accidents in the air, accidents to work or accidents coming home from work, heart attacks, brain aneurysms, cancer – they came with deliberate force to throw their victims out of kilter for life or out of their earthly life. Yes, death stalks us and Christ will come expectantly but we do not know the hour, they will come upon us – it w … Read More

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Extreme Security

”]Cover of "Minority Report [Blu-ray]"

I found this story this morning and found it to be extremely frightening. With all the extremes the Department of Homeland Security is going to to harass simple everyday people, do we really want them using something like this on us? Do we want a lawless government to threaten the states if they don’t cooperate and allow this to go on? What price are we willing to pay for security?


Terrorist ‘Pre-Crime’ Detector Field Tested in United States

Sharon Weinberger
Fri, 27 May 2011 02:13 CDT

Minority Report

In Minority Report, Chief John Anderton (Tom Cruise) prevented crimes by seeing into the future.

Screening system aims to pinpoint passengers with malicious intentions.

Planning a sojourn in the northeastern United States? You could soon be taking part in a novel security programme that can supposedly ‘sense’ whether you are planning to commit a crime.

Future Attribute Screening Technology (FAST), a US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) programme designed to spot people who are intending to commit a terrorist act, has in the past few months completed its first round of field tests at an undisclosed location in the northeast, Nature has learned.

Like a lie detector, FAST measures a variety of physiological indicators, ranging from heart rate to the steadiness of a person’s gaze, to judge a subject’s state of mind. But there are major differences from the polygraph. FAST relies on non-contact sensors, so it can measure indicators as someone walks through a corridor at an airport, and it does not depend on active questioning of the subject.

The tactic has drawn comparisons with the science-fiction concept of ‘pre-crime’, popularized by the film Minority Report, in which security services can detect someone’s intention to commit a crime. Unlike the system in the film, FAST does not rely on a trio of human mutants who can see the future. But the programme has attracted copious criticism from researchers who question the science behind it. (see Airport security: Intent to deceive?)

From fiction to fact

So far, FAST has only been tested in the lab, so successful field tests could lend some much-needed data to support the technology. “It is encouraging to see an effort to develop a real empirical base for new technologies before any policy commitments are made,” says Tom Ormerod, a psychologist in the Investigative Expertise Unit at Lancaster University, UK. Such testing, he adds, could lay the groundwork for a more rigorous randomized, controlled, double-blind study.

According to a privacy-impact statement previously released by the DHS, tests of FAST involve instructing some people passing through the system to carry out a “disruptive act”. Ormerod questions whether such role-playing is representative of real terrorists, and also worries that both passengers and screeners will react differently when they know they’re being tested. “Fill the place with machines that go ping, and both screeners and passengers start doing things differently.”

In lab tests, the DHS has claimed accuracy rates of around 70%, but it remains unclear whether the system will perform better or worse in field trials. “The results are still being analysed, so we cannot yet comment on performance,” says John Verrico, a spokesman for the DHS. “Since this is an ongoing scientific study, tests will continue throughout coming months.”

Some scientists question whether there really are unique signatures for ‘malintent’ – the agency’s term for the intention to cause harm – that can be differentiated from the normal anxieties of travel. “Even having an iris scan or fingerprint read at immigration is enough to raise the heart rate of most legitimate travellers,” says Ormerod.

Airport security: Intent to deceive?

Can the science of deception detection help to catch terrorists? Sharon Weinberger takes a close look at the evidence for it.

Sharon Weinberger

n August 2009, Nicholas George, a 22-year-old student at Pomona College in Claremont, California, was going through a checkpoint at Philadelphia International Airport when he was pulled aside for questioning. As the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) employees searched his hand luggage, they chatted with him about innocuous subjects, such as whether he’d watched a recent game.

Inside George’s bag, however, the screeners found flash cards with Arabic words — he was studying Arabic at Pomona — and a book they considered to be critical of US foreign policy. That led to more questioning, this time by a TSA supervisor, about George’s views on the terrorist attacks on 11 September 2001. Eventually, and seemingly without cause, he was handcuffed by Philadelphia police, detained for four hours, and questioned by Federal Bureau of Investigation agents before being released without charge.

George had been singled out by behaviour-detection officers: TSA screeners trained to pick out suspicious or anomalous behaviour in passengers. There are about 3,000 of these officers working at some 161 airports across the United States, all part of a four-year-old programme called Screening Passengers by Observation Technique (SPOT), which is designed to identify people who could pose a threat to airline passengers.

It remains unclear what the officers found anomalous about George’s behaviour, and why he was detained. The TSA’s parent agency, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), has declined to comment on his case because it is the subject of a federal lawsuit that was filed on George’s behalf in February by the American Civil Liberties Union. But the incident has brought renewed attention to a burgeoning controversy: is it possible to know whether people are being deceptive, or planning hostile acts, just by observing them?

Published online 26 May 2010 | Nature 465, 412-415 (2010) | doi:10.1038/465412a

Chasing Sarah Palin

The coverage of Sarah Palin by the media and the so-called Republican pundits verges on Schizophrenia! One day they tell us how stupid she is and the next they wonder at the attention she generates. Let me ask you a few questions: If Sarah Palin is so stupid, why are so many people listening to her? If Sarah Palin is so stupid, why do the media and the Pundits follow her every word and every move?

Is she relevant? Absolutely! How could she not be relevant? With over three million facebook fans, and her every word considered by those that love her and those that hate her as well! Does she let the pundits tell her what she should do and say? Absolutely Not!

The thing is that those people who think that we should listen to them are the very same people who gave us George W. Bush and Barack Obama! If you truly like the direction that both those men have taken us, go ahead and listen to people like George Will who said:

“The threshold question, not usually asked, but it’s in everyone’s mind in a presidential election. ‘Should we give this person nuclear weapons?’ And the answer [in Palin’s case], answers itself.”

And just what does Mr. Will base this decision on? He doesn’t bother to inform us of that, he just leaves it hanging out as if since he said it, it must be true. Let’s do a little comparison and then come back to that statement by George Will.

Considering where Barack Obama has taken us on foreign policy, who would you trust more, the man who apologizes for America at every chance he gets? The man who insults and betrays our allies? The man who gives aid and comfort to our enemies while lowering our own defenses? I know what my answer to that is!

Sarah Palin stands with Israel. She doesn’t support betraying our allies. She supports a strong military as well as secure borders. She loves and supports America and would never apologize for her. I would far rather have Sarah Palin, who loves and believes in this country, rather than Barack Obama.

As for George Will, perhaps someone should ask the man for a little clarification. Perhaps he is letting his own prejudices get in the way of common sense. Or perhaps he is so used to being able to tell the American people who should be the President, that he cannot stand the idea that Sarah Palin doesn’t give a fig about his opinion. Perhaps we should stop listening to the very people who have helped get us into this mess.

After all if they were really, truly concerned with the future of the  country, why are they so busy trying to tell us to do everything the same way it has been done before. One of the most beautiful things about Sarah Palin is that she listens to herself and makes her own decisions. She has faith in God and asks his guidance on what she should do. I can’t think of a better adviser than that!

Sarah Palin is the one person that has been able to withstand all the trash that the media and pundits have thrown at her. She is the person that brings the most excitement to wherever she happens to be. The very fact that she has thrived and gotten stronger with everything that has happened in the last few years, shows us that without any doubt Sarah Palin is smarter that all those who are so willing to waste their time and energy to bring her down. And isn’t that one of the things that we need most in this country? Someone who can withstand all the bad and bring us along with them?

Palin’s Path May Be Unclear, but Her Ride Is Revved Up

Published: May 29, 2011

WASHINGTON — For sheer mastery of celebrity theater, Sarah Palincannot be beat.

Ms. Palin, the former governor of Alaska, let the anticipation build for hours on Sunday in the Pentagon’s North Parking Lot, where thousands of bikers (and their rumbling Harleys) had gathered for the annual Rolling Thunder rally ahead of Memorial Day.

And then, suddenly, there she was: Ms. Palin, with her husband, Todd, and the rest of the family. Wearing matching black Harley-Davidson helmets, they rode motorcycles toward the front of the procession through a crush of cameramen, photographers, reporters and leather-clad bikers, all jostling for just a peek at the woman who might be president.

A traditional political appearance it was not. She did not make any public remarks or shake hands with dignitaries. There was no news release accompanying her visit. And after the short ride to the National Mall — she rode on the back of a volunteer’s bike — she sped off in a black sport utility vehicle to points unknown to anyone outside her small circle, even to the reporters covering her.

Ms. Palin’s visit here — to start her still-mysterious One Nation bus tour along the East Coast — provided no clarity about whether she will run for the Republican presidential nomination. But it did reinforce the idea that if she does, her campaign will not be conducted in the usual way. Read more at the New York Times (hardly a right wing paper)

Rush Limbaugh: ‘If [Palin] Is Afraid To Run, The Media Terrorists Have Won’

Government According To President Palin @ Big Government[]55′

Andrew Sullivan: ‘I’m Too Terrified For The Country’ To Urge Palin To Run Because She Could Win


When Decoration Day began in the south it started as a time to remember those who had died, not just those who served in the Military and in many of our small towns across the south, it still is. After World War II it morphed to include all the military that died in the war as a way for the nation to honor and remember the sacrifice that those who died had given. I think that perhaps it is one of our most important holidays and if we lose our memories of the sacrifices it lessens us as a people,
In places like Arkansas where I live, we celebrate Memorial day, but we also participate in Decoration Day. Unfortunately, because of the emphasis on backyard BBQ‘s and trips to the lake, it is beginning to die out. For many years ladies in my church would make the flower arrangements to put of the graves of the loved ones but this year we decided not to do it. There were plenty left from last year and there just was not the demand for the flowers.
I think that when Decoration Day began it was a way to make sure that people didn’t forget their history. Many of those were immigrants from other lands and this was a way of reminding their relatives of where they had come from and why they had come. It was also a way, in a time where death came often, and many times unexpectedly, that no matter what, that person was still am important part of the family and their history. It was a time that showed the importance of God and family.
With the massive loss of life abroad in WWII, it also became a time that included country in with the family and God. More than ever it is important that we encourage people to remember those who have died and the reasons that they did. If we lose that memory and it becomes just a day to party, we lose more that just tradition, we lose our history. And if we lose our history, I am afraid that we will lose our own relevance in the world.

It is my hope that each person in the United States would take a few minutes to remember all those who have died that we may remain free. In a time when we are involved in three wars, we need, more than ever to remember the people, their families and the country. We also need to take a few minutes to pray for those who are still fighting, that God will watch over them and should they die, they will not be forgotten.

In Memory


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