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Obama: Aiding And Abetting The Enemy?

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Why would Barack Obama and Eric Holder withhold vital information in the trial of a terrorist? Does this administration think that by not giving this information that they are helping the American people? Why is it that every time they have to make a choice, they choose something that may lead to the deaths of more Americans?
Even though I sometimes say that nothing that this administration does can surprise me, they always do something that does. I cannot understand the reasoning behind this decision. Do they even comprehend what they are doing? If they do, they are aiding and abetting the enemy and that is an act of treason.

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We have been hearing for years that the White House is withholding evidence on the Fort Hood jihadi, Major Nidal Malik Hasan.  Now comes direct confirmation of this from Hasan’s own lawyer.
Major Hasan, also known as Soldier of Allah, according to his business card, mowed down thirteen U.S. soldiers while screaming Allahu akbar on the Fort Hood military base in Texas a year and a half ago, in November 2009.  Yet his trial keeps on being postponed.  On March 30, Lt. Gen. Robert Cone, the outgoing commanding general at Fort Hood, granted a request from John Galligan, Hasan’s lawyer, to delay the trial until late April.  Galligan, however, disclaims responsibility for all the delays, blaming them on none other than Barack Hussein Obama.
Rick, a reader of my website,, forwarded to me an email exchange he had with Galligan.  Rick wrote to Galligan last Thursday: “The American people are getting pretty upset about all of these delays.”  On Friday, Galligan responded: “Delays are due to prosecution/White House refusal to disclose evidence. Blame them for the delays.”
So where is justice? This Islamic supremacist should have been executed by now.  What’s the hold up?  Galligan’s blaming Obama is consistent with how the White House has behaved throughout this case.  Back in November of 2010, I wrote at Atlas Shrugs that the Obama administration was “still covering up the motivation behind the attack.”


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I don’t know if Barack Obama is a US citizen or not, he says that he is, but he has shown over and over again, that whatever he says, the truth is just the opposite. I find it extremely curious that a person would spend two million dollars to hide what is supposedly just further information to confirm what you are stating!!! In this I very much agree with Donald Trump! What I find even curiouser is the fact that Mr. Obama’s social security number is not quite what it seems.
There are a lot of unanswered questions that need to be answered. Georgle W. Bush was investigated quite well and it was always in the news. I find it interesting and troubling that the same scrutiny is not being required for Barack Obama. I find it curious that it was okay to question whether John McCain was a natural born citizen, but that it is considered racist to question Barack Obama. I find it very troubling that in American, there is a double standard and justice is unequal.

BAD NEWS FOR OBAMA 1890 SS NUMBER TRACED TO DEAD MAN IN HI!!! 1890 SS NUMBER TRACED TO JOHN PAUL LUDWIG   This news is breaking: This is bad news for Obama.   This is what we know so far. We get more info on Jean Paul Ludwig, who was born in 1890, had CT SSN obtained in 1976 and died in HI around 1981. There are 2 SS numbers for him and records show him dying in 2 different states: CA and HI around 1981.   The reason this is important, is because there is a similar fact pattern to Obama. Barack Obama is res … Read More

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Hey, Mr. President…You Want Some Cheese With That? (via Kingsjester’s Blog)

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When you want to know what kind of person you are dealing with, you listen to their words, but you watch their actions. If the two are different you know that you are dealing with someone who does not respect the truth or the person that he is communicating with. Mr. Obama talks a good talk and tries to say the right thing, at least part of the time. But when it comes to his actions, you find that it is all just hot air.
Mr. Obama’s statement that he misses not being able to get out and about without being recognized is laughable. If he truly wanted to be a real citizen without the fanfare, he would not be trying to get attention all the time. Take the other day after he and Boehner reached an agreement on the budget, what was the first thing that Barack Obama did? He took a little trip and bounded up the stairs at the Lincoln memorial. Does that fit the profile of a man that really just wants to be able to lead a normal life?
What is truly annoying about Barack Obama’s remarks is the disdain that he holds for the American people. Since he has been in office, we have learned that there is very little that we can believe about what ever he says. It has gotten so bad, that if he says something, many of us think that the truth is just the opposite. It would be nice is the man had a little more respect for people, but it seems that that is too much to expect from this President.
We have learned that he has little empathy for the hardships that he putting on the poor and the middleclass, and the rising cost of food and gasoline, is truly killing they hope that many had when he became President. The arrogance that he shows when discussing the fact that many people drive gas guzzlers is amazing. It seems that he doesn’t understand that some people have to rely on what they can get, not what they would like to have. It is hard to get a new car with better mileage if you don’t have good credit, and this President likes to pretend that he is there for the poor and the middleclass, but like everything else he does, his actions speak much louder that his words.
It’s maddening that the man who pretended to be the “Hope and Change” agent, is instead the “Rope a Dope” agent.

Hey, Mr. President...You Want Some Cheese With That? My, oh my, how the mighty have fallen. On February 22, 2008, future and now-former CNN Hostess  Kathleen Parker wrote the following, as reported on Barack Obama has many appealing qualities, not least his own reluctance to be swaddled in purple. Nothing quite says, “I’m only human” like whipping out a hankie and blowing one’s nose in front of 17,000 admirers. The audience’s applause was reportedly awkward, as if the crowd w … Read More

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