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Obama’s Revolutionary Slogan

I was reading  a post on “Big Journalism” about the “Together We Thrive” slogan at the memorial for the victims of the Arizona shooting. I had already learned that the slogan was a rehash from the Obama 2008 campaign. I had not read what the post on the blog where the theme came from actually said though. I do tend to stay away from things that actually promote the Obama lovefest. But when I read some of the things that were reported on them, I had to read it for myself.

But this phrase really hit me “What I see in Obama is a chance for revolution”. Doesn’t this strike you as a very odd slogan to use at a memorial service. Especially if you are talking about changing the rhetoric. I would think that anyone who actually knew the story behind the slogan would think exactly the opposite. What was Obama really telling the mostly young university crowd that attended that memorial?



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