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Obama: Unfit President

I did not intend to write another post about Barack Obama and his use of the slogan “Together We Thrive”, but after reading this on Canada’s Free Press, I really felt it was important.

For a long time I have considered that Barack Obama was intent on destroying this country and have taken everything he has done in that light. But his actions at the so-called memorial in Arizona are the worst of the worst.

This goes way beyond the Paul Wellstone memorial. This goes beyond a pep rally. This was quite frankly a campaign, bought and paid for by all of us, in the name of remembering those who were killed and wounded in AZ.

While we were watching Barack Obama, covered by every major television network, give his speech, we find that the T-Shirts that were put out, were put out by Organizing For America. According to CFF the bottom of the shirts have the phrase “Rocking America and Rocking The Vote”.

Personally I find that very offensive. I am ashamed that the man that is the leader of this country has so little regard for the victims in AZ that he would turn a memorial service into a campaign rally. I am offended that the leader of this country would violate the law of this country without a second thought and do it in such a way as to disrespect the very  people he claimed he was there to show support for.

What kind of man is this? What kind of man would use the blood of those who were killed and wounded for his own benefit. What kind of man cares only for himself and nothing for others.

What will we do about it? Will we just let this stand? Or will we stand up and say “No more, Mr. President, no more.”

We have been battered and beaten the last few years. We have been told to “shut and sit down”. We have been told to “sit in the back of the bus”.

Well Mr. President, you have lost any shred of respect that you had left. You could have drawn this country together. You had that choice. Instead, you choose to do the opposite. You have no regard for this country. You have no regard for the people of this country. But most of all you have no regard for the office that you hold.

Theme of “Together We Thrive” T-shirt came from Obama’s Organizing for America


Obama’s Revolutionary Slogan

I was reading  a post on “Big Journalism” about the “Together We Thrive” slogan at the memorial for the victims of the Arizona shooting. I had already learned that the slogan was a rehash from the Obama 2008 campaign. I had not read what the post on the blog where the theme came from actually said though. I do tend to stay away from things that actually promote the Obama lovefest. But when I read some of the things that were reported on them, I had to read it for myself.

But this phrase really hit me “What I see in Obama is a chance for revolution”. Doesn’t this strike you as a very odd slogan to use at a memorial service. Especially if you are talking about changing the rhetoric. I would think that anyone who actually knew the story behind the slogan would think exactly the opposite. What was Obama really telling the mostly young university crowd that attended that memorial?


Sarah Palin: A Bright And Shining Light

Micheal Van Der Galien wrote an excellent article about Sarah Palin; you can find the article on the link below. He has it so right in stating that she is exactly what conservatives need. She is not going the “shut up and sit down”. She is going to fight back and fight for what is right, no matter what anyone else thinks she should do.

She doesn’t owe anybody anything, she has her faith in God and she knows that the way to winning is to confront your enemies and not bow down to them.

She knows it takes an effort to become the best and that success is not handed to you, you have to earn it. She stands for a bright and shining light. She stands for hope. She is indeed our best hope for the future of this country.

Palinism « The Greenroom

Obama’s Sleight of Hand; Destroying America

We, as humans, tend to focus on the accident on the side of the road and sometimes lose sight of what is ahead of us. The result is often a worse accident. Well, we having been doing that in regards to Arizona. There is a very good article in American Thinker that points that out.

While the Democrats and the liberal left have been railing against Sarah Palin, Glen Beck, Rush Limbaugh, and any other conservative they can, a lot of very bad economic news has come out. But with the concentration on Arizona, it has been lost in the wind. While we have concentrated on defending ourselves, the downhill fall of our economy has basically gone unreported by the mainstream media.

There are three things that really stand out to me:“Global food prices have reached an all time high”; “the consensus is that due to weather, demand and smaller inventories, the price of basic food commodities will surge even further”; and “The cost of a barrel of Brent crude is approaching $100 and some estimates indicate it may hit $120”.

These are just a few of the important issues brought up in the article that have gone under the radar in the last few days. I understand the inclination to watch the accident on the side of the  road, but if we don’t start watching the road ahead there is going to be an even greater accident.

The even worse thing is that it may not be an accident. If you really listen to what many in the Obama administration have stated, it seems that their goal is to deliberately lower our standard of living. After all, Stephen Chu has stated that he would like to see gas prices the same they are in Europe. I don’t know about you but $7 a gallon would be a real hardship.


Card Check by Fiat

Once again the Obama administration is trying to force something on the states that they have not been given the right to do. Congress refused to pass the card check law. So now, even knowing that they do not have the right, they are doing it by fiat. Fighting these obnoxious rules and regulations are going to drive more and more businesses under. How much longer will the American people have to put up with this illegal grab of power by this corrupt administration.

Every single day there is some new information on what they are doing. The media is not covering it, in fact they are covering it up. I am hoping that everyone who sees what they are doing, is willing to spend the time to pass the information on. We have a very short about of time to stop what they are doing or we will lose our country. The loss of jobs alone will lower our standard of living. The loss of  freedom will ruin our country.


Susanna Martinez: New Mexico’s Hope

New Mexico’s  new governor, Susanna Martinez, is obviously a woman who does not believe in wasting time. I am glad to see that she went right to work cleaning out the deadwood and starting New Mexico back on the path to prosperity.

She reminds me of the women of my family, when I was growing up in the state. They had the same no nonsense attitude. They knew that the work had to be done and just did it. They didn’t stop to wonder what someone might think about what they were doing. They had the confidence of their beliefs and the knowledge on how to act on it. What made Mz. Martinez a very good AG, will lead her into being an excellent governor.

Bill Richarson was a decent Ambassador, but he tried to run the state as an ambassador. That has led the state on a downhill path that is going to take sometime to overcome. Perhaps ambassador’s should not be governors.

The American Spectator : Wasting No Time in the Land of Enchantment

Congress and Power

For years our Congress has given up it authority to Presidents, either because they have been lazy, or honestly believed that it was something the president could handle better, or because the president simply grabbed that power. Whatever the reason Congress has over the last fifty or sixty years, has, largely become irrelevant. This must change for this country to regain it’s stature and meaning.

How they go about the next two years will tell us if they are serious about doing so. They must put an end to many of the unapproved Czars, that are taking that power by the president of this country simply declaring that they have it.

They also need to retake control of the FCC, and all the other alphabet agency’s in this country. When these agency’s start deciding they have the power to control the people, and businesses of this country, that the Congress specifically denied them, the country is disintegrating into a dictatorship.

We must hold our representatives feet to the fire. We can not let them get away with just pushing the problems on down the road in the hopes that someone else will come along and fix the problem. We have two years of Barack Obama left, at the very least. If he can convince enough people that he has changed, he has the chance to be reelected.

The path that we are now on, is one is leading to our destruction. Our loss of freedom, our loss of standard of living, are all deliberate. Not accidental, deliberate. We have a president in the oval office that is deliberately and with malice aforethought cutting off our supplies of energy, destroying our ability to provide food, shelter, and health to our families.

Everyday we find something new that they have done, such as the canceling of a mining permit in West VA. that will cost jobs in that state, as well as reducing the availability of coal for coal fired generating plants. They are imposing new regulations on those plants which will cause the closure of many plants, and further hardship on the people of this country, in increased cost of heating, and cooling our homes, as well as increased costs for businesses. This will cause more businesses to layoff workers, and raise prices on products.

The cascading effect of these policies is driving the people of this country further and further into debt. How much has the cost of gasoline risen since Obama took office? Do you hear about it on the news, the way you did with the previous administration? Why not? Is it any less difficult than it was before?

There is only one way to get us back on the right track, and that is for Congress to retake responsibility for the country, in the way it is supposed to be, and do their job. The link to an article by George Will is listed below and I think it is very good in laying out how Congress has failed.

It is up to us to make sure they get back on the right tract. It is our responsibility to make sure they understand the way we want them to go. If we don’t two years is all we really have left, because if we can’t turn this country in a different direction, after two years we will have little chance of getting that opportunity again.

George F. Will – A Congress that reasserts its power