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Constitutional Theft?

Obama Land Grab by Executive Order: On the Hunt for Water and Wild Lands | Maggie’s Notebook

I was reading this article yesterday and this particular part caught my eye and really made me wonder why in the world this government would need to go this far in regulating the waters of this county. And even more, why have they suddenly have the ability to regulate even prairie potholes!! What is the reason that our government would need to control prairie potholes? Do you realize that the government can now tell you whether you can fill that pothole in you driveway or yard by the defination of this statement!!!!! This is such a broad grab of power that the government will now control every single drop of water in the US. Any  pond or any stream whether is flowing all the time, even if it is contained solely on your land, is now considered under the control of the government. This means that if you want to do anything with water, such as fish, you can be told that it is not allowed. This goes far beyond a land grab, which is what this article is talking about. This means that the government has some measure of control over every single piece of property in this county. This goes totally against the constitution.

Declaration Of Independence, Constitution Of The United States Of America, Bill Of Rights And Constitutional Amendments

WATERS OF THE UNITED STATES- The term ‘waters of the United States’ means all waters subject to the ebb and flow of the tide, the territorial seas, and all interstate and intrastate waters and their tributaries, including lakes, rivers, streams (including intermittent streams), mudflats, sandflats, wetlands, sloughs, prairie potholes, wet meadows, playa lakes, natural ponds, and all impoundments of the foregoing, to the fullest extent that these waters, or activities affecting these waters, are subject to the legislative power of Congress under the Constitution.


Mr. Barack Obama (failed President or Successful Revolutionary?)

Forget the liberal hype about a comeback: 2010 was a stunningly bad year for Barack Obama, and 2011 could be even worse – Telegraph Blogs

This article is a great wrap-up of the year for Barack Obama, but before we get too enthused on how we have decreased the chance of him getting everything he wants, look at what he is doing now. The way he going around congress shows a total disregard for the rule of law. He posits himself as a Constitutional Law Professor but in fact the only thing he ever taught was Saul Alinsky.

I am afraid that he really doesn’t care whether he gets re-elected in 2012. That is something that we have never expected in our country. Yes, the framers hoped that people would serve for only a few years and then go back to private life, but they assumed that someone who invested the time acnd money to be President would want to make this country better by his actions. The thought that someone would invest millions of dollars, and two years of seeking the office, would then turn around and do everything they could to bring it down, would probably have been unthinkable.

What we do know is horrifying in it’s scale. But it really makes me wonder what we do not know. It’s like he is planting an aggressive virus in our country that will take years to root out, and even then we may not be able to get it all. Then years from now, some part of it will stick it head up and we will have to go through all this once again.

I know they made provisions for enemies without and enemies within, but they couldn’t foresee the scope of the destruction a determined group from within could do. And if he can bypass the laws to grant illegal immigrants amnesty, can we truly regain our country?

Deliberate Destruction

American Thinker Blog: Manmade famine in America

The fact that this could happen in America, not by accident, not by the will of God, but by the deliberate intent of some elected and unelected know it alls, who think that what they want is more important that the lives of thousands of people is a real tragedy.

If the smelt is saved by this action, what is it doing to the rest of the environment. Is turning the area into a dust bowl really what the environmentalist have in mind, or is it one of the unintended consequences? It amazing me that some people are so one sighted that they can’t see that if you choose to stop one thing, that you better know what else it is going to stop.

Perhaps we should take everyone who claims to be an environmentalist and make sure they know how to play chess. It really helps it you can see what will happen when you make a move. I find it really hard to believe that they didn’t know that something like this was going to happen. I find it much more likely that they knew it and just didn’t care.

To some people, people themselves are worthless. They see the wonders of this earth as static and themselves as the protectors. They are too busy trying to control the world that they don’t realize that everyday there are new discoveries, and that when something old dies, something new is born. This is the everlasting cycle that God has put in place on Earth. And if we die, there will be a rebirth with something new.

I am not advocating that we shouldn’t take care of what God has given us, we are it’s stewards, and it would show great disrespect if we were negligent in our care of this treasure. But he did give it to us and encouraged us to use it wisely and well. He didn’t give the smelt brains, but he did us, and I am sure he expects us to use them. The smelt, like all animals and plants are ours to use, people who cause the destruction of the lives and the livelihoods of others are no different than those who knock people on the head and take their money.

Life Or Death

David Limbaugh

This article of David Limbaugh’s is very concise and lays out what will happen soon very well and I can’t add anything to what he is saying other than the fact that the personal cost is going to be very great, but I doubt that the median will cover it until it starts to hit them where it hurts. By that I mean their own families and their own pockets.

In the next two years our cost of electricity to quote Barack Obama  “is necessarily going to rise”. Necessarily because this administration is going out of it’s way to make it so. With the EPA’s new rules and regulations on CO2 going into effect in Jan. and the restrictions on oil drilling, gas drilling, and mining, we are limiting our resources and forcing the closures of some generating plants. To top that off, we are going to have to buy from foreign countries to keep up with demand.

That alone will cost of more, not to mention that it puts us at risk of being held hostage by other countries. I remember the  early eighties, and the long lines for gasoline. It was’t the price that was so crippling, it was the availability. With increased dependence on foreign resources we will put ourselves in that same place again.

With the increase terrorism in the world, it also is more of a danger to the environment than actually drilling for our own oil and gas would be. We have a better chance of  protecting what is on our own soil than we do what is on somebody else’s soil. Plus you add in the fact that other countries may be less inclined to care about whether they take care of the environment  than we do and you have a recipe for failure. Then you have the problems with transporting it, that is costly and dangerous now, what with weather, Somali pirates, and terrorist. If we start importing even more the dangers increase drastically. I am sure that they have factored all of this in, though, these are after all supposed to be the “smartest guys in the room”.

So, now we will be paying a higher price for energy, food, clothing and every other product that we have to buy. But that is not the only price that will increase. The price that will be paid by the poorest of us will be much greater by far. That price will be their very lives. No matter how much money a government hands out, sooner or later it runs out.

And then those that are the most dependent are the ones who suffer most and first. What happens now when people can not pay for heat or to keep their homes cool will be nothing to what happens when the prices begin to rise dramatically. Our churches will help out as long as they are able, but their resources are finite. And they are limited by what the congregation can afford to give. When everything goes up, what can be given, goes down.

It’s sad really, that we have a government that cares so little for the people that it pretends to represent, that they are willing to let people die for so little. In the past, when we have been at war with enemies abroad, men and women have sacrificed and died for a cause that they didn’t always agree with, but at the very least they understood the reason. This is a war with enemies within that most people do not even realize is going on and probably would not agree with.

Is the possibility that their will be an oil leak in the gulf worth watching your neighbors die because they don’t have money for food, or for gas to heat their home. Is it worthing watching your friends lose their jobs and not being able to find another. Is it worth knowing that if someone in this administration cared more about the people of the country than they did in what other countries think about them personally, that we would have a thriving industry in providing oil and gas for ourselves as well as other countries.

Relevancy of Sarah Palin

Pajamas Media » Sarah for President?

This article contains the most reasoned argument for Sarah Palin to run for President!!!  I would vote for her any day of the week. And I am sorry, the recent poll that had her standing dropping so low, is just not believable. Especially with conservatives. She really doesn’t need to run, though, to affect change. Just look at how much she has done in the past two years. Whatever she decides to do in the future, she will be a bigger influence on the future of this country than any other person that has run for VP and lost. As much as Al Gore tried to make himself   relevant, he didn’t come anywhere close to what Sarah Palin has accomplished. And he actually was a former VP!!!


American Thinker: The Missing Link in the Evolution of Barack Obama

There are many great points made in this article, especially the one of conversion. Be it total radical conversion or a more simple conversion as mentioned, of putting childish things behind, there is always some evidence there. There is none with Obama, unless it is in the things he is hiding from us, and if that were true you would think that he would be proud of it. Most people are, when they change, they want other people to know that they are not the same person they were before.

Take the alcoholic or the drug addict that overcomes the habit, they are happy that they are working to overcome their demons, and often shout it from the rooftops. They regret the person they were, they want everyone to know they are different. Mr. Obama has never said one word of regret for anything that he has done. He talked in one of his books about using drugs,  and for most people even the mildest drug is addictive. We know he has an addictive personality because of  his struggles with smoking, but he has never even proclaimed himself to be drug free. I  personally would like to know how he achieved that. It would help a lot of people to know that what you do as a young man or woman, no matter how destructive, can be overcome. And yet we have nothing! Obviously, somehow, he did manage to overcome it. You would think this would be a part of his life that he would be willing to share, since this is something that he really should be admired for.

I have know people who have given themselves to God and have instantly overcome drug use, smoking, and other addictions, but they are some of loudest people around shouting their thanks to God for helping them. Perhaps Mr. Obama is one of those people who have a very difficult time expressing his feelings, but he seems to have no problems doing so on things that really seem to please him.

It truly is a troubling thought that we have a man in the Whitehouse that is even more secretive than Richard Nixon. Especially when that man was elected on the promise of openness and transparency. The way he goes  around the congress to do what he wants suggests that he is the same person he claimed to be in college, a scocialist leaning egotist who thinks what he wants is more important than anything else. The fact that this man is the President of the United States and has more power than anyone on Earth is frightening.

For years we have felt that if someone were to abuse power the way Nixon did that Congress would be there to stop them. Here we have had a Congress that has gone along with everything he wanted. And now that  Congress is changing, he is simply going around them. You have to ask, what will he do next?

Independence or Takeover?

I’ve Seen This Movie Before, Mr. President. I Don’t Think You’ll Like The Ending

This is a very good article, I don’t think anyone could state it better!!! This President and his administration are very much following in the footsteps of  King George. There are a few things that make it different, though. And those few things will seriously affect the outcome. King George was the ruler of  the country, Obama is not! He is our elected leader, and he is supposed to lead with the will of the people, he is not doing so, if point of fact, he is deliberately refusing to follow the will of the people. I know this point is made in the article, but it needs to be pointed out again.

Because that leaves us with the question of his agenda! Many people have a different opinion on that. Some believe that he hates this country and is actively trying to destroy it. Others think that he genuinely believes that he is doing what he thinks is best for this country. Some believe that he is a Manchurian President, working for some other country or enitity to bring about the destruction of the country. Still others think that he is really a Muslim and he is trying to rid the country of  Christians and give control to them. Then there are those who simply believe that he is out of his mind.

Let me speak to that last issue first. If he is insane, he is surrounded by a virtual horde of insane people.

Next to whether he is Muslim, I have no idea, but if he is, he is not any better at that than he is as a Christian.

Third to whether he is a Manchurian President, I suppose that is possible, it would have taken a lot of planning and quite frankly, a lot of chance that seems to me a  little far fetched, but I certainly can’t rule it out.

Now as to whether he genuinely believes he is doing the best for the country, that is pretty arrogant and really quite dense. I admit that the arrogance is there, but I don’t believe that he is that stupid, nor do I believe that all the people who surround him are stupid. It would almost be easier to clean up the mess he is leaving behind.

I am afraid that the first option is the correct one. He seems to truly hate this country, and seems bent on bringing it to it’s knees. Someone in a position of  power with the full force of the government behind them can do a awful lot of harm.  He holds that position. And he had surrounded himself with so many who are of  like mind, that we may never find all the broken pieces he has left behind.

Thankfully, unlike our first try at independence, we already have the framework in place to correct what he is doing. That is if we can wake enough people up who actually care about what this country it. The way this has been brought about is insidious, like a virus that was planted in our system many years ago. It is going to take aggressive action to get rid of it.  Hopefully we are able to restore our country to the right path without too much loss.

We have already lost much of our treasure, but treasure can be replaced. What we really need to make sure is that we don’t lose the structure. There are ways written into our constitution to restore the balance and save the structure, but the one thing that the framers could not insure was the will of the people to take the steps to do so.